Rubber Stone Paving

Frequently Asked Questions

A safer, softer, stylish and long lasting resurfacing solution

There are no demolition costs, you can customize colours, performs better in the winter, is more time efficient, and uses a recycled product.

It takes 24 hours of curing time to be able to walk on it. It takes 72 hours of curing time to be able to drive on it.

It is a porous product, so it is not waterproof. It does help with immediate water runoff, but water will seep through if there is continuous rainfall or sitting water.

We typically install at 3/8 of an inch for a tightly packed installation. We can go thicker if your project requires more fill in certain areas.

Rubber Stone is excellent to shovel snow off of. Because of the rubber granules, it is also very slip resistant. We use a polyurethane based binding agent in our installation process which allows our product to flex with the shifting substrate.

Most jobs only take a day to complete.

The colours and binding agent are mixed on site. Then, the mix is hand troweled down onto the existing surface.

The largest difference between our product and those of other rubber paving companies is the quality of our coloured rubber. We use the highest-grade EPDM coloured rubber and don’t paint our rubber chips. This ensures your rubber surface will stay true to colour and look great longer.

Our Resurfacing Products

Designed for any region across North America, our products ensure that your driveways, sidewalks, garages, pool areas, and so much more are both beautiful and functional.

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